Andreas Goldemann

As an intuitive, Andreas Goldemann can perceive disharmony and imbalances on a physical and emotional level. In his work for over 25 years he has used voice, song, movement and reflection to initiate profound changes in his clients. In addition to face-to-face sessions, lectures and workshops, his work can also be experienced via video, so he relies on webinars and online courses to enable even more participants to have a powerful self.

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An Open Heart Knows No Fear

Circling thoughts and fear of the future build up barriers and may even prevent us from experiencing the joy in our life. Intuitively Andreas Goldemann can create solutions in us through ancient Celtic and Druidic sound healing. He shows how you can feel and perceive yourself better and maintain stability even in difficult situations. Through the encounter with yourself, your counterpart and openness, you can finally shed paralyzing fears.

In this video you will learn…
  • which posture is best for you to engage in the sound healing
  • how to open the space to better perceive yourself
  • how to fulfill your wishes and ideas
  • how your heart fills you and allows you freedom from worries
  • Exercise: “Meet with yourself”

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