Frank Kinslow

Dr. Frank Kinslow is a chiropractor, spiritual consultant, and best-selling author. After practicing yoga for a long time and sometimes meditating for more than two hours a day, he finally trained as a teacher for Transcendental Meditation. In 2007, he was able to find his way out of a deep personal crisis by discovering the original source of healing and happiness. So, he finally created the Quantum Entrainment® method. He now teaches this method in seminars and webinars to teach other people in the healing professions a technique that works simply and efficiently.

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Shift Your Perception: Influencing Body, Mind & Spiritual Development

Enlightenment and happiness can sometimes fail to materialize, even when we are deeply committed to a technique or method. In his contribution to the flow! Summit, Frank Kinslow shows you a simple exercise demonstrating how a shift in perception can have an impact. Through his unique technique, he was able to drastically improve his health within a short period of time and emerge from a personal crisis physically and emotionally stronger — by doing nothing (any more). Frank will show you what connects us to the quantum vacuum and how you can experience nothingness.

In this video you will learn…
  • why exercises and techniques in which we are trying very hard to do something sometimes don’t work
  • how to (re)discover yourself and your essence in the state of pure consciousness
  • how our busy lives prevent us from connecting with our inner nature
  • Exercise: Awareness Exercise

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