Bradley Nelson

Growing up in rural Montana, Bradley Nelson experienced the power of energy as a child as he healed from two life-threatening illnesses. He began studying programming, but after asking God for a sign for his future, an apparition showed him his way, and he decided to study chiropractic to understand the body’s self-healing system. From there, he developed a system to identify and release trapped emotions. He has developed training programs and written books on his findings.

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Trapped Emotions: How to Shed Emotional Baggage

We’ve all felt emotions we’d rather not have felt. Some of these can permanently block us and prevent us from achieving goals or experiencing love. Bradley Nelson is an expert in energy and energetic healing, and in his Summit contribution he explains what the energy of emotional baggage is all about. It can sabotage us and prevent us from living the life we want. But he also shows us how to track down trapped emotions and how to free yourself from them.

In this video you will learn…
  • how energy works and what that means for our universe
  • the extent to which emotional baggage has a physical and psychological effect
  • what roles your subconscious and your ancestors play
  • how the energy of the heart–brain connection shows itself
  • Exercise: Sway Test

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