Petra Brzović

Petra Brzović is a yoga teacher and intuitive therapist who uses hypnotherapy and regression, among other things, to help her clients cope with trauma. In addition, she uses extraordinary, holistic methods to alleviate or heal chronic diseases and infertility. She is fully certified and conducts workshops and seminars around the world, also training other healers and therapists. Petra’s great passion is working with souls and their lives between lives.

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Tap Into the Wisdom of Your Soul

Even if you have the feeling that your life is currently difficult, you still have an influence on your decisions. Before your soul comes to a new life in this world, it decides which lessons you have to learn, and you still have influence on that. In her video for the flow! Summit, Petra Brzović explains why you don’t complete some lessons and blame others for your failure. She discusses how to manage to choose happiness and contentment with your free will. This is how you can change your life and follow your soul destiny.

In this video you will learn…
  • why we don’t have to learn hard lessons for life
  • how to use energy to start a new life
  • what supports you to heal and reconnect with yourself
  • how to let yourself be guided in life without losing your freedom
  • Exercise: Meditation

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