Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith is a Scottish medium who recognized his talent as a child and has been training ever since. With his work, he inspires countless people in their personal development. As an author, he tells of his most moving and extraordinary experiences in communicating with the deceased and shares the insights he was able to gain from them. A collaboration between science and spirituality is just as important to him as a natural appearance and the demonstration of his gift at workshops.

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Face Your Fears: Find Healing in Being

The physical and spiritual worlds are more interconnected than we usually think. Some of us fear the spiritual, others see it as expansion and opportunity. Medium Gordon Smith was able to overcome fears about mediumship early on. The whole world is in flux, as are we ourselves. In his contribution to flow! Summit, he shares his story with you about how he realized that he not only belongs to the present but also to the past and future. He teaches you how to listen to yourself instead of being afraid, small, and insignificant.

In this video you will learn…
  • how the physical and spiritual worlds are related
  • how to find the being of light within yourself
  • what exercise you can do to calm down and connect
  • Exercise: Meditation

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