Byron Katie & Laura Seiler

Byron Katie is the author of the bestselling book The Work, in which she shares her method of overcoming her deep crisis and mental health issues. Four questions helped her scrutinise her beliefs and find joy again. In regular courses and webinars, she inspires participants to discover answers to burning questions within themselves and to open their minds to profound insights. Her podcast “At Home with Byron Katie” also supports listeners in thinking more freely.

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Laura Malina Seiler coaches modern spirituality, mindfulness, and mental strength for those on their way to their Higher Self. Her vision is to reconnect people with their true essence, to support them in healing their emotional injuries, to help them develop a loving and appreciative relationship with themselves, as well as to express themselves fully. Through her coaching and meditation techniques, she assists her clients to make deep changes in their lives — and create a life that allows them to fully step into their radiant power.

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Questioning Thoughts & Beliefs

Bad experiences lead to negative thoughts and make us doubt ourselves. Bestselling author Byron Katie has experienced first-hand what it’s like to have no way out. However, by working on our thoughts and beliefs, we can reverse them and let the ego out. In this video, Byron Katie talks to Laura Seiler about questioning and working on ourselves so that we can live without guilt.

In this video you will learn…
  • how your identity is shaped by beliefs
  • what questions to ask yourself for self-examination
  • why is it important that you can apologize
  • how to find your way out of suffering

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