Bruce Lipton

Stem cell biologist and best-selling author Bruce Lipton spent years researching cell biology and quantum physics and discovered that our lives are not controlled solely by genes. The discipline of epigenetics not only changed Dr. Lipton’s career, but also his private life. Science assisted Dr. Lipton to his recognition of the existence of an immortal spirit, and he was not only able to improve his physical and mental well-being but also take his spiritual life to a new level. He speaks to both professional and non-professional audiences and encourages his followers to improve their well-being on a holistic level.

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The Power of Consciousness: Emerging Empowered from Chaos

Our world has been undergoing massive changes for several years. The reason for this is the sixth mass extinction, which will have an even greater impact on us as humanity in the coming decades. But it also offers us an opportunity to change and develop further. When we heal ourselves, we can not only experience the future, but thrive. Using examples from science, Bruce Lipton explains what options we have and how you can make your contribution.

In this video you will learn…
  • why we must abandon ancient civilizations to survive the chaos
  • how the conscious and subconscious interact
  • why your lifestyle is more important than your genes
  • how love makes you pay more attention and wake up

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