Ruediger Dahlke

Dr. Ruediger Dahlke has been working as a doctor, seminar leader, author, and trainer for thirty years. With books such as Illness as a Path, Illness as the Language of the Soul, Illness as a Symbol, and most recently Laws of Fate — Rules of the Game for Life, he founded a holistic psychosomatics and consciousness theory that extends into mythical and spiritual dimensions.

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Detoxify Your Body with Your Breath

Physician, author and psychotherapist Ruediger Dahlke is considered one of the most renowned representatives of holistic medicine. One area of focus of his work is breathing. In this video Ruediger shares the wisdom gained from his many years of personal and professional experience where we will dive into how the breath is the quickest path to flow and discover how compound breathing gets your energy flowing.

In this video you will learn…
  • How traditional medicine sees breath
  • What ‘connected breath’ is and shows you problem areas in your body
  • How breathing is related to detoxifying your body
  • When a deep energetic cleansing becomes possible

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