Howard Martin

Howard Martin is an author, speaker, and the CEO of HeartMath. Since founding the company in 1991, he has traveled the world to spread the word about HeartMath’s work and teach the method. He is convinced that our heart is the key to fulfilment. Through its intelligence, we can change our perception and control the flow of our feelings. Howard Martin makes regular appearances on television and radio, but also shares his insights through webinars and at conferences.

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How Your Heart Can Guide You Through Challenging Times

We live in times of rapid and fundamental changes on earth. This not only presents us with challenges, but also opens up numerous new opportunities for us. Howard Martin, one of the co-founders of HeartMath, talks about these possibilities and new scientific discoveries. The role of the heart is still often underestimated in everyday life, but it is a powerful tool and not just on a physical level. In this flow! Summit video, find out about the magnetic field of the heart and the power of intuition.

In this video you will learn…
  • why our heart is more than just a pump
  • how the nervous system of the heart differs from that of the brain
  • what happens when the heart and brain work together optimally and achieve coherence
  • how practical intuition can guide you
  • Exercise: meditation

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